New York Times letter to the editors written by EDJE members, appeared Sunday, October 23, 2016, Training for Teachers, in response to an Oct. 15 editorial “Help Teachers Before They Get to Class.”

Declaration of Principles: In partnership with the National Education Policy Center, we have created a collective statement on Public Education, Democracy, and the Role of the Federal Government, with endorsements of over 175 current and former deans of colleges and schools of education.  We encourage you to endorse the statement, and then to invite colleagues to do the same.

Our Children Deserve Better: A Call to Resist Washington’s Dangerous Vision for U.S. Education: Building on the above Declaration of Principles and in partnership with the National Education Policy Center, we published a new statement — Our Children Deserve Better. Here we discuss the values that underlie our vision for education in a democratic society: protecting and nurturing our children, empowering educators, and investing in public schools. We join with countless others in demanding a better future for our children and our country, and we stand ready to collaborate with federal leaders and all who care about public education as we work to bring this vision into reality.